References in Africa

Technical Dialogue on Agricultural Finance Topics of Land Management in South Africa




511,874 EUR

Implemented by:
IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH as leading company in a consortium with

BVVG Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH

The technical dialogue project supports the Land Bank and other South African institutions in technical discussions in topics related to agricultural finance and rural land management. The project is implemented by the consortium of IAK Agrar Consulting and BVVG. Inputs about international examples in the relevant topics are provided to assist the joint elaboration of options for action and recommendations for South Africa. The partners benefit from agricultural transformation experiences of East Germany and Eastern Europe through seminars and study tours. Furthermore, the project supports inter-institutional exchange platforms and technical training.  South African institutions are hence strengthened to implement coordinated measures that serve the sustainable management of agricultural land.

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Global Programme on Food and Nutrition Security, Enhanced Resilience: Rural Development, Diversified and Healthy Diets for Families in Burkina Faso (PAH)




1,784,152 EUR

Implemented by:
Health Focus GmbH as leading company in a consortium with

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH

The special initiative "ONE WORLD - No Hunger" includes the programme on food and nutrition security and resilience which is implemented in 11 countries. The consortium Health Focus - IAK implements the project in Burkina Faso. The programme’s main target group comprises women of child-bearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children who are particularly affected by food and nutrition insecurity. The programme aims to improve their food and nutrition situation and resilience to food crises. It operates with a multi-sector approach including all actors relevant for agriculture, storage and transformation as well as hygiene, communication, education and medical services.

Project for improved vocational training and job insertion in the agricultural and mining sectors (PAFISAM)


French Development Agency (AFD)


929,070 EUR

Implemented by:
SOFRECO – Société Française de Réalisation d’Études et de Conseil as leading company in a consortium with IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH

PAFISAM aims to promote the integration of young people and to provide a skilled workforce in growth sectors in Guinea, namely mining and agriculture (crop, livestock, fisheries). More specifically, support is provided to the Ministry of Vocational Education with steering, implementing, monitoring and evaluating its policies and operational strategies, the offer of technical and vocational education in the mining and agricultural sectors is reinforced and the employability of graduates is promoted. To achieve these goals, the following activities are conducted: revision of existing curricula in line with the skills-based approach for 18 selected vocational training paths (a. o. farm manager and agricultural advisor), delivery of trainings for staff from public institutions and training centers as well as purchase of equipment for training centers.

Zambian-German Agricultural Training and Knowledge Centre




3,606,650 EUR

Implemented by:
Agriculture & Finance Consultants GmbH (AFC) as leading company in a consortium with
- DLG International GmbH
- IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH
- DEULA Nienburg GmbH

The project objective is to establish and run a training and knowledge centre on the GART research station site, which can offer practical training in modern agricultural machinery and sustainable agricultural production to farmers specialized in crop production. This knowledge and agricultural training centre will be a platform for technology transfer and educational training.

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Project website:

Project flyer (in German)

Project flyer (in English)

Territorial approach to adaptation to climate change in Kenya (Energy and Climate Fund; ECF)




2,466,000 EUR

Implemented by:
AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH as leading company in a consortium with
IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH

The ECF project aims to enable selected target groups, i.e. pastoralists, agropastoralists and settled farmers and fishermen in the arid and semi-arid north, to adapt their production systems based on natural resources sustainably to the changing climate conditions and to generate alternative incomes, thus improving their food security.

Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training



12/2015 - 12/2017

1,442,543 EUR

Implemented by:
IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH as leading company in a consortium with
- AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH
- PLANCO Consulting GmbH

The objective of the project is to provide a long-term and structurally anchored offer of high-quality and specific agricultural education and training opportunities tailored to practical needs with the help of existing training institutions (Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training centres – ATVET), in particular in the sub-sectors of sustainable land use and pastoral production systems / improvement of drought resilience.

Project development for private agricultural enterprises and public actors in Angola


Private Clients

10/2012 - ongoing

approx. 180,000 EUR p. a.

Since October 2012, IAK has been engaging in commercial advisory services in Angola. These services comprise the development of various agricultural projects for private and public clients.


- Order for developing agricultural activities on a project area covering 8,000 hectares in the province of Huambo by a private entrepreneur

- Feasibility study for a private farm (2014-2015)

• Land use strategy: 1,500 hectares, increase to 5,000 hectares
• Cultivation of grain, soya, vegetables, potatoes, fruit
• Beef cattle production in the future
• Investment volume: USD 6.8 mio.

- Advice for an Angolan supermarket to set up its own farm by means of regular short-term assignments and interim remote advice (since April 2018)

• Production of fruit and vegetables to be delivered to the own supermarket
• Land cultivation
• Cropping plan
• Technical assistance to implement good agricultural practices and quality management (planting, irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, harvest)
• Training for management and staff

IAK in Angola.pdf

Support to the Ministry of Agriculture for the preparation of a Programme Estimate and Capacity Building in EC Procedures (FWC Beneficiaries 2009)


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


33,000 EUR

The MoA was supported in the preparation of a programme estimate in 10th EDF contractual and financial procedures in order to help them preparing a timely and successful start of phase 1 of the 10th EDF Agricultural Support Programme (ASP). The overall work plan of the ASP against the financing agreement, the first year work plan and budget of MoA was reviewed; and training and practical advice for tendering procedures was given.

Identification and formulation of an integrated rural development project in the provinces of Northern Morocco


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


138,000 EUR

A project for integrated rural development in the northern provinces of Morocco was identified and formulated. The objective of the project was to implement a cooperation strategy with the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco, especially in social development and the fight against rural poverty.

Technical Assistance to the STABEX Programme Estimate Legume Seed Multiplication


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


189,000 EUR

The mission provided technical assistance to increase the availability of legume seed in Malawi by supporting seed multiplication activities of the private sector and the Government of Malawi. Quality controls (e.g. phytosanitary tests and germination tests) were implemented and availability (e.g. though supply contracts for basic legume seed) was improved.

Livestock Development Project South-West, Phase II (DELSO 8 MAG 046) – Final Evaluation


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


150,000 EUR

A final project evaluation was carried out to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of activities financed under DELSO. The evaluation supported the Ministry of Livestock in the process of preparing its sector programme.

South Sinai Regional Development Programme: “Sector-specific support for grant recipients: Environment, agriculture, livestock and fisheries”


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


150,000 EUR

The assignment provided short-term sector-specific technical assistance to recipients of the SSRDP Grant Scheme. Through field visits, on-site needs assessment and support, IAK provided technical assistance to projects with relevance for environmental engineering, projects in the field of agriculture as well as projects in the field of livestock and fisheries.

Mid term evaluation of support to the Safety Net Programme


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


133,320 EUR

The mission, as foreseen in the financing agreement, evaluated the PSNP at mid-term of its execution under its strategic as well as operational aspects. That contributed to the transitional phase joint review and provided information to be assessed in view of a possible further support to the programme.

Planning and development of rainfed agriculture in Doukkala – Final Project Evaluation


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


31,236 EUR

The project aimed at improving living conditions and the participation of the local population in development planning. The project activities encompassed strengthening professional organisations, promoting agricultural diversification and improvement of agricultural production, promotion of women in agriculture, improving rural infrastructure, and supporting R&D for arid agriculture in the programme area.

Intensification of agriculture through strengthening of cooperative shops – feasibility study


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


61,000 EUR

The assignment involved a detailed assessment of the technical, financial and institutional feasibility of the project. An analysis of the relevance of the project, including the adequacy of the proposed project with the needs and priorities of the target group, its relevance to sectoral policy and predictable economic and social effects on food security of the population in the most vulnerable areas of Niger was carried out.