References in Latin America

Sustainable agricultural development (PROAGRO) 



2,045,000 EUR

Implemented by:
GITEC Consult GmbH as leading company in a consortium with IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH

Creation of an efficient advanced training system in the field of irrigated agriculture in the rural, arid areas of the four project regions Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, Potosí and Santa Cruz to improve the implementation of public sector projects, the educational offer and the advisory services for smallholder farmers.

Transmission of a decision support system for the adaptation of agriculture and water management to the impacts of climate change




408,000 EUR

Implemented by:
IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH as leading company in a consortium with
- BioPlanta GmbH
- TU Dresden

Adaptation strategies were formulated for the agriculture and water sector in Durango, Mexico, based on a specially generated regional climate scenarios.

These adaptation strategies were created for state offices, water suppliers, research institutes, farmers and other companies.

The project results are summarized in a brochure (in Spanish language).

Rehabilitation and re-development of Cerro de Mercado mining area in Durango


DEG, PPP-Project


300,000 EUR

The overall objective of the PPP project was to re-develop the mining area of Cerro de Mercado in the city of Durango through an integrated pilot project. This was achieved through know-how transfer to the Mexican partner in mining technologies for mine fuse and closure, development of solutions for active mining activities to avoid post-closure investments, town planning and environmental protection and the development of a concept for handling of mining relics.

Identification and Formulation of a trans-national integrated rural development programme (FWC Beneficiaries 2009)


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


142,000 EUR

Identification of possible alternatives for a regional programme of Trans-boundary Integrated Local Development from the experiences of previous programmes implemented in the region with European Union funds, and other successful initiatives funded by other sources and guidance from the Mid-Term Review of the Regional Strategy for Central America 2007-2013.

TA to the Banana Growers Association Sigatoka Control Strategy


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


111,000 EUR

Overall objective is the sustainable competitiveness of the banana industry in Belize, through the improvement of BGA Sigatoka control strategy. IAK provided a training expert for the organisation of interactive training sessions for MAF extension officers, BGA technical staff and farm managers regarding integrated Sigatoka management.

Support to Municipal development and vocational training – Project Evaluation PRRAC/H/SE/01/044


EC Framework Contract, Lot 1


85,000 EUR

Project evaluation and analysis oftheimpact of a project on strengthening sustainable municipal management throughthesolution of environmental issues, risk reduction by natural phenomena, housing deficit reduction and employment generation intherural and alternative sectors.

Support Programme of the Seed Sector (URY/B7-310/98/0570-01)




912,316 EUR

The Programme contributed to the improvement of the trade balance of the country, through the modernisation and the development of the agricultural seed sector. In this context, cooperation between Uruguayan and European businessmen were strengthened and the market flexibility of the Uruguayan seed industry with regard to the fast changing world seed market was improved. This was achieved through technical assistance for the structural and operational modernisation of the official seed organisations / institutions, adjustment of legal issues and improvement of procedures within the seed production chain.