Controlling / Risk management

Controlling / Risk Management – Why?

The basic conditions for agricultural enterprises have changed fundamentally. As a result, companies are faced with many challenges which include the following:

  • Volatile prices on the product and supply markets
  • Reduction of support measures in agricultural policy
  • Extreme wheather conditions
  • Drastically increased purchase/rental prices for agricultural land
  • Stronger focus on management quality in the context of bank lending

Farmers increasingly have to develop a strong entrepreneural spirit, which means being more proactive rather than reactive. This requires, among others, working systems for controlling and risk management.

"The rejection of a risk is the greatest risk for a company", Reinhard Mohn

Controlling / Risk Management – Definition

Controlling is part of corporate management that combines planning, control and management of economic processes in a control loop.

Risk management is a part of corporate management, which includes all actions of continuous and systematic risk identification, assessment and management.

IAK's services for Controlling

We are glad to assist you in the following management tasks:

  • Establishment of corporate goals
  • Development of strategic and operational business plans
  • Development of liquidity plans
  • Development of a performance measurement system for success monitoring
  • Establishment of an appropriate cost centre system
  • Conduction of business branch accounting
  • Elaboration of target-performance comparisons
  • Conduction of horizontal business comparisons
  • Calculation of internal transfer prices
  • Development of remuneration systems based on performance and success
  • Documentation of the operational controlling system as a reference for banks, inspections, etc.

IAK's services for Risk Management

We are glad to assist you in the following management tasks:

  • Conceptual design of an operational risk management system
  • Formulation of a risk strategy
  • Determination of operational risk coverage
  • Identification of operational risk potentials (risk inventory)
  • Quantification of operational risks on the basis of probability and damage potential (risk assessment)
  • Discussion of possible measures for risk reduction, avoidance, scattering and passing on (risk management)
  • Elaboration of emergency plans for existential risks
  • Documentation of the operational risk management system as a reference for banks, inspections, etc.

Our references in the field of Controlling and Risk Management

IAK has supported numerous companies, from small family businesses to large holdings, in the design and implementation of operational control and risk management systems. That enabled us to find suitable approaches for various issues and objectives in controlling and risk management. 

We will gladly discuss with you in which topics we can assist you!