Management and team

As of April 2021, IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH is represented by the two Managing Directors Dieter Künstling and Dr Martin Schneider.

There are currently 11 advisors working in the Domestic Consulting department in Germany. The team leadership is in the hands of Dr Martin Schneider.

In addition to Dieter Künstling as Managing Director, Katrin Dalitz and Stanimira Penkova are responsible for the International Consulting department as team leaders. This department currently counts 8 project coordinators as well as 6 team leaders with the appropriate technical staff in projects abroad.

There is well-coordinated and project-related cooperation between the two departments.

Since the personal qualification and experience of the advisors are the key to the quality and sustainability of the advisory work, IAK attaches great importance to the further training of staff and to continuity in personnel policy with the simultaneous long-term development of young staff members.

Students and trainees are given the opportunity to gain experience in the IAK team within the framework of internships and to qualify themselves alongside experienced advisors. At the same time, they support IAK's advisory activities at home and abroad with their skills and performances.

For special advisory tasks and in the area of international cooperation, IAK works with freelance experts and a large number of national as well as international specialists.