Management of natural resources

Food security and sustainable rural development depend on a responsible use of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity. This was already anchored in multilateral environmental agreements as well as conventions and treaties for climate change, soil degradation, desertification, and biodiversity. IAK works mostly on natural resource management in projects, which are related to agricultural land use.

IAK’s activities in the field of natural resource management range from participative land use planning for pastoral areas in Mongolia to the recultivation of former mining lands in Mexico. In our projects a special focus is placed on competing forms of land use and possibly resulting conflicts. In that case, the inclusion of different stakeholders and exploring different options for socio-economic development in a participatory process play a central role.

 An integrated approach for the management of natural resources is especially important when different forms of land use interact. For example, agroforestry combines elements of forest management and agricultural production. In that case IAK works in close cooperation with their partners, such as the East German Society for Forest Planning Ltd. (OGF mbH) to get a profound understanding from both land use systems and to design project activities accordingly.