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Technical Dialogue on Agricultural Finance associated with Land Management in South Africa

The YouTube channel below presents five videos produced in the context of the bilateral cooperation project "Dialogue on Agricultural Finance associated with Land Management in South Africa" in the period from May to July 2021. This project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and implemented by IAK Agrar Consulting and BVVG in collaboration with the South African Land and Agricultural Development Bank.

The videos are under the themes: Dual Agricultural Vocational Education in Germany, Agricultural Credits with Rentenbank, Land Reform with BVVG, Regional Development with the Landgesellschaft and Smart Finance in Kenya, respectively.


Sino-German Agricultural Centre

The "Sino-German Agricultural Centre" (DCZ) is a bilateral cooperation project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and has been implemented by IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH as lead partner in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) since 04/2018.

In the context of this project the Sino-German Agricultural Week (Deutsch-Chinesische Agrarwoche; DCAW) takes place annually in Beijing in November.
DCAW videos

In the context of an activity of the German-Chinese Agricultural Centre (DCZ), a website on Smart Agriculture was created. A wide spectrum of questions is addressed by video interviews which illustrate the state of the art in Smart Agriculture and provide an outlook on possible future developments in this field.

Newsletters/documents from IAK's projects funded by the BMEL

Project newsletters and other documents are issued at regular intervals in the context of the cooperation projects of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) implemented by IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH. Apart from the project news, they communicate information about the agriculture sector in the respective country.

You can directly download the newsletters/documents (PDF files) on the official websites of the projects:

For further information on the bilateral cooperation programme of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) please see: https://www.bmel-kooperationsprogramm.de



"Climate Change and Agriculture – Perspectives from China and Germany"

As the outcome of our Sino-German collaboration project, a new publication compiles articles on responses to climate-related challenges as well as approaches in the agricultural sector in both countries. It introduces the current climate policy in China and Germany and provides information on the development of GHG emissions and the most important political measures taken. Furthermore, research findings with a focus on mitigation of GHG in livestock production are presented, focusing on nitrogen use efficiency in livestock production and options for improvement. Climate change impacts on crop production in Europe and its projected future impacts are presented and adaptation and mitigation measures through plant breeding are assessed. Current global developments and their impacts on GHG emissions are covered by comparing emissions from pork production and feed imports in China and the European Union, highlighting the impacts of recent trade disruptions and African swine fever on trade flows of pig feed, pork and related emissions.

Climate Change and Agriculture – Perspectives from China and Germany


"Strategies for the adaptation of the agricultural and the water sectors to the impacts of climate change"

This project brochure (in Spanish language) was created as part of the DEG-project “Transmission of a decision support system for the adaptation of agriculture and water management to the impacts of climate change” in Durango/Mexico. Based on climate simulation from the Dresden University of Technology for the region of Durango, adaptation strategies were developed for both of the sectors mentioned above and implemented as pilot measures in personalized consultancies. This brochure is a documentation of the current situation in both sectors and the adaptation measures, which was given to the project partners during the closing workshop.

Project brochure (in Spanish)


"Zukunftsträchtiger Ackerbau"

Systems of computer- and GPS-based site-specific farm management - a practical assessment

Head of the author community:

Prof. Dr. Günter Hasert, Landwirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung Liebertwolkwitz (LUB) GmbH

2003, Deutscher Bauernverlag GmbH

ISBN 3-9809218-0-8