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German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue, Phase 3

822,048 Euro
Client type:

The objective was to assist Ukraine in reforming agricultural policy and legislation, taking into account international experience of Germany and other countries, as well as international organizations (EU, WTO), in accordance with market-based regulatory principles.

Project results:

  • Improvement of efficiency and competitive position of Ukrainian agri-food sector through agricultural policy decisions on sector policies, market regulations and factor markets
  • Continuous provision of technically relevant and well-founded information for all key agricultural policy partners of APD in Germany and Ukraine
  • Supporting agricultural policy and business decision makers in defining and introducing product and quality standards necessary for consumer protection and trade promotion
  • Support of the cooperation of partners and institutions in the field of agricultural policy and economy

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH was the lead partner in the consortium with the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO).