Rural extension and advisory services

Rural extension and advisory services can enhance the adaptive capacity and efficiency of farmers. Through horizontal networking and the creation of structures for group-based learning, farmers are supported in their technology development process. 

IAK uses participative approaches for the design of extension and advisory services, where farmers and their specific context are in the centre of attention. For example in Farmer Field Schools (FFS) farmers improve agricultural technologies in a group process and adapt their farming systems to changing environmental conditions. In order to implement those structures, capacities of rural extension and advisory services will be strengthened through training. IAK has worked with advisory services in Romania, Kosovo, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Peru and improved the quality of their services.

IAK's work with animal husbandry and dairy production also includes the design of veterinary advisory services. IAK has carried out activities in the area of animal inspection, vaccinations, diagnose- and control systems for animal health.