IAK offers a wide range of services to meet the demands of their clients both locally and abroad. Within that range, IAK focuses on some core topics, in which they have already gained profound experience through various consulting activities.


For consulting services in Germany these are

  • Strategic business development and structural adjustments
  • Investment advice, financing and agricultural grant funding programmes
  • Special advisory services for dairy farming

With commercial consulting services abroad IAK provides experiences and know-how gained from advisory activities in Germany for their international clients. The thematic focus of consulting services abroad is placed on

  • Development of strategies and business management concepts for agricultural enterprises
  • Preparation and supervision of investments projects
  • Introduction and sustainable use of modern technologies for agricultural production, processing and marketing

The sustainable use of resources and the adaptation to climate change are important aspects in the implementation of those tasks. Education and training are crucial measures for the implementation of consultancy services abroad.


Core topics in the field of international cooperation are

  • Sustainable use of genetic resources and agrobiodiversity
  • Management of natural resources
  • Land management / climate change / training centres
  • Value chains and producer associations
  • Rural extension and advisory services

A cross-sectional theme for all topics is capacity building through training measures and the development of competences of various stakeholders.