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Cross-compliance (CC) involves the obligation of recipients of direct payments to comply with certain standards (EU and national). The CC regulations were introduced in three stages between 2005 and 2007 and originally comprised a total of 19 directives. Of these, 15 directives are still CC-relevant today.

Violations of CC compliance are sanctioned with deductions from EU direct payments and country agri-environmental programs.

The amount of the sanction depends on the:

  • Frequency (number of violations)
  • Duration (single or repeated)
  • Extent (negligence or intent)
  • Severity (effect of the violation)

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH is an accredited CC consultant and provides advice based on an audited CC management system:

  • General advice and training on CC guidelines and current developments
  • "Farm checks" to verify compliance with CC, including results protocol and action plan
  • Creation of company-specific checklists for regular self-audits
  • Preparation of a controllable self-audit
  • Review of sanction notices and support in the preparation of appeals


We will be glad to provide you with further references upon request.

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