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Public relations in agriculture

Enjoying public respect and appreciation is not just "nice to have" for modern agribusinesses today, but a monetary advantage: those who know how to shape public relations (PR) are more likely to achieve their goals, save themselves a lot of costs, and handle crises more efficiently than their uninformed neighbor.

Communication structures

In an on-site analysis, we record the operational and communication structures and derive strengths and weaknesses of corporate communications from them.

Training and knowledge refreshment

Taking into account the concrete PR situation, IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH offers on-site training for executives of the target company. Contentwise it concerns thereby a realisitischen situation evaluation, methodical and psychological basic knowledge as well as the Kentnnis of important legal bases of the PR-work. Also practical trainings in press work, discussion guidance, picture and photo production as well as in the organization of agrarian-typical PR-measures are bookable.

Practical steps

We not only talk about PR, we also design it. No matter whether it is an individual enterprise, a group business, a trade association or a federation – IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH supports you in all questions of public relations and media work. This ranges from organizing proven and new PR measures (e.g. social media) to dealing with interested associations, societies and activists to negotiation coaching for managers and dealing with the press and Internet media.

Crisis management

If desired, IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH can devote more time to crisis and emergency management in agricultural enterprises. We are happy to support you in the early recognition of conflict potential, in the creation of crisis and emergency plans and in the exercise of rights and obligations in dealing with the press and the public. The result is clear communication strategies that enable you to prevent crises in the best possible way. And if things do go pear-shaped with the "stakeholders", we are at your side with help and advice!

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Public relations in agriculture

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Public relations in agriculture