History - over 60 years of company tradition

The history of IAK dates back to 1947, when – under the umbrella of today’s KWS SAAT AG – the company was founded and entrusted with research and commercial activities. However, throughout the years, business, markets and location of the company have changed. Since 1968 the company was known as ACE Agrar Consulting Einbeck GmbH and founded today's consulting expertise in the area of seed production. Based on the global activity in the seed sector, ACE extended its operations in the early 80s on projects of international financial and technical cooperation, the coordination of aid programmes, the development of agriculture, promotion of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), trade development and tourism.

Logo der VEB Interagrarkooperation (IAK) von 1981

Another mother company of IAK was located in eastern Germany, where in 1981 the state-owned company VEB Interagrarkooperation (IAK) in Leipzig was founded. Following German re-unification the company was privatised in 1991 and became also part of the KWS Group. The now merged Interagrarkooperation GmbH (IAK) was able to draw on a wealth of experience in the implementation of agricultural development projects of the former GDR and highly developed commercial consulting activities in cooperation with the State technical engineering and export in the agricultural sector. At the same time, a commercial agricultural extension service was established within IAK with special technical know-how in privatization issues, financial and investment planning and management assistance in large farms. 

Following a restructuring of the KWS SAAT AG, both companies were separated from the mother company through a management buyout and merged into IAK AGRAR CONSULTING GmbH in 2001.

Merging the two companies took place with the aim of using existing know-how, regional experience and personnel resources more efficiently. Thus hands-on experience of consultancy to the private sector and support to public institutions and policy advice was consolidated and put under one firm for the benefit of our local and worldwide customers. Still today, the advisory services in the seed production sector are an important area of business and IAK continues to cooperate with the KWS Saat AG in this field.

In 2003 IAK took over 100% of the shares of the LUB Landwirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Leipzig, a regional agricultural management consultancy firm. As part of this acquisition particularly the commercial business, research and industrial cooperation could be strengthened.

Since 01.09.2014 IAK AGRAR CONSULTING GmbH has been represented by the managing director Dieter Künstling alone. The long-standing co-managing director Dr. Diethard Rudert left the management of the company on 31.07.2014 and since then has been working as a project manager abroad.