Partners and Networks


In order to offer a "one-stop shop" in cases that are not part of IAKs expertise, the company has established a network of partners and institutions that are specialised in selected agriculture related relevant areas;

  • Of particular relevance within this network is the law firm BTR Lawyers & Colleagues with Dr. Mecklenburg, who specialised in agricultural law, and his team.
  • The Wittenberg office of ETL Freund & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft is associated in partnership with IAK and excels in tax consultancy for agricultural and forestry companies of any scale and legal form in Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. It is represented by tax adviser Dr. Marcel Gerds.
  • IAK is a supporting member in the PROGRESS Genossenschaftsverband e.V. This organization was founded by cooperatives in 2006 for promoting the cooperative system and developed into a cooperative auditing association performing statutory audits for its member cooperatives.
  • The association AgroSax e.V., which was established by Saxon agricultural machinery firms, is the project sponsor of Kompetenznetzwerk Agrartechnik Sachsen and serves as a platform for the pooling of resources in this traditional Saxon industrial sector. Dieter Künstling as the managing director of IAK has been a board member of AgroSax e.V. since June 2015.  

  • Inno-Com e.V. - Association for communication and transfer of innovations in rural areas
    The association Inno-Com e.V. aims at the promotion, communication and sustainable transfer as well as the positive development of innovations and innovative solutions for products, technologies and processes for agriculture and forestry, agricultural technology, the food industry, environmental and nature conservation , as well as integrated rural development.  
  • For questions of tax issues, audits and due diligence in acquisitions, assessments and disposals, a close cooperation with the DHPG Berlin GmbH, an audit and tax company, has been existing for many years.
  • In the field of dairy/cattle farming a cooperation agreement with Rinderzuchtverband Sachsen-Anhalt eG which transferred its business domain to RinderAllianz GmbH at the beginning of 2014 has been in force for more than 15 years. Besides the joint activity to develop a market in various Eastern European countries, it focuses on the implementation of a joint cooperation in educational events as well as the operational support on selected issues of dairy production.
  • Regarding financing of agricultural investment projects, IAK is well connected to rural financing credit institutions, such as the German Credit Bank (DKB), the Nord/LB, local credit unions and the private banking house Rautenschlein as well as to private investors.
  • As a member of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), IAK and its experts work at various levels in the expert committees of the DLG. IAK's permanent membership in the project team “Top Class Milk Production Enterprises" as well as in the working group „Banks and Insurance companies" established in 2010, and IAK's participation in the long-standing working group "International Relations" of DLG since 2014 are particularly noteworthy.
  • Together with other experts of the advisory board of the dairy farmers from the 'Bauernzeitung’ (a German farming newspaper) a regular exchange of information and discussions on issues of milk-producing farms take place and are published in the newspaper. IAK staff contributes on a regular basis to these technical publications.
  • IAK is a supporting member of the German milk producers' association Interessenverband Milcherzeuger e.V.  

For more than 15 years, IAK has been a permanent partner of the DLG trainee programme. IAK supports the programme with seminar lecturers, field trips to farms and with the permanent provision of trainee jobs within the company itself.

International Cooperation

The activities of the International Cooperation division of IAK are characterized by long-term partnerships with German and international companies of the agricultural and food sector as well as the cooperation in the framework of memberships with: