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APD Western Balkans: Professional information tour on organic agriculture

Within the framework of the APD Western Balkans, there are several transnational technical working groups that meet regularly to discuss, e.g. issues of legislation, regulation, promotion and extension in their field. The members of the working group on organic agriculture – technical experts and political partners – from the six Western Balkan countries Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia familiarized themselves with various aspects of organic agriculture in Germany and the EU during a five-day trip organized by IAK at the end of June.

The central point of contact was the Ökofeldtage (Organic Field Days) at the Gladbacher Hof in Villmar in central Hesse. Technical presentations on topics such as organic model regions, certifications, cultivation associations, processing, and education and training alternated with practical demonstrations and farm visits. Last but not least, the Western Balkan delegation experienced the importance of organic food in Germany. As a current topic, the new EU organic regulation and its effects were also discussed.