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German-Uzbek Expert Dialogue for Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Agriculture: Component for Climate-Resilient Seed and Fodder Production, Phase 1

04/2023 - 03/2026
German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and GFA Consulting Group GmbH
1,693,080 Euro
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Climate-resilient, sustainable agriculture strengthens agricultural production in Uzbekistan and contributes to improved food security and resource conservation. The expert dialogue focusing on climate-resilient seed and fodder production contributes to the agricultural policy goals of Germany and Uzbekistan.

In this context, competencies of the selected research institutions in the development and multiplication of climate-resilient fodder plant varieties and in cooperation with private farms for seed multiplication and practical testing are being expanded. Interested dairy farms manage existing land in a more soil-conserving and climate-adapted way as a result of comprehensive advice and training for specialists and managers, and reduce their production losses with the help of resource-conserving and sustainably designed feeding systems.

Knowledge on climate-smart and resource-saving seed and fodder production as well as on the concrete project experiences is made available to relevant institutions and also flows into the further development of national strategies on sustainable agriculture in Uzbekistan.

The project is being implemented by GOPA AFC GmbH as lead partner in a consortium with IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH.