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Sustainable agriculture

Since its foundation, IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH has been dedicated to sustainability. We have made it our mission to support this through knowledge transfer in global agricultural practice. Our goals are in particular

  • promote the ecological, economical and social sustainability of agricultural crop and livestock production,
  • increase the degree of self-sufficiency and
  • increase the competitiveness of countries in a free market economy.

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH is engaged in numerous projects at home and abroad to facilitate the transfer of practical, scientific and political know-how. In global agricultural practice, we convey in many areas of crop production how the protected goods soil, water, air and biodiversity can be optimized through suitable crop and market management instruments. With our expertise from the German agricultural sector, we provide forward-looking support for the implementation of the UN's goals for a more sustainable development policy.

To measure the sustainability of agricultural value chains, we have developed an evaluation tool together with INL – Institut für nachhaltige Landwirtschaftsbewirtschaftung GmbH, the DINAK – Deutsches Institut für nachhaltige Agrarkultur.

We also advise on issues such as climate-damaging emissions from animal production, excessive meat consumption and animal welfare. Because: A sustainable agriculture does not function without an animal production, which on the one hand does justice to the animal welfare, the need of mankind and the protection of the environment as well as on the other hand to the conditions of an economically viable agricultural economy.