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Sustainability assessment of agricultural enterprises with DINAK

Sustainability is regarded as the guiding principle for a future-oriented, resource-conserving and animal-welfare-oriented way of doing business. It is the most important principle for action in agricultural, environmental and climate policy. Agricultural businesses are required to implement sustainability in practice and to communicate this approach to society and their market partners. With the sustainability assessment of DINAK – Deutsches Institut für nachhaltige Agrarkultur (German Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Culture), we manage to make measurable and scientifically sound statements at farm level. The experience of IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH and INL – Institut für nachhaltige Landbewirtschaftung GmbH makes it possible to jointly pursue a holistic approach that includes a total of 30 indicators in the three pillars of sustainability – ecology, economy and social issues.

In the pilot phase, more than 20 companies were assessed with DINAK. Before that, more than 400 companies had already been assessed according to the ecological pillar of DINAK.