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Financial consulting

Financing occasions

Typical financing occasions in agriculture are, for example, investments in buildings and machinery as well as the purchase of agricultural land, farms or parts of farms. However, there are also shorter-term financing occasions, e.g. for operating funds, consolidations or refinancing, or the replacement of departing shareholders.

Debt financing is possible by:

  • Taking out bank loans
  • Dealer financing
  • Subsidy financing
  • Leasing or installment plan

Equity financing is possible through:

  • Financing from profit or cash flow
  • Taking out shareholder loans
  • Increase of share capital
  • Equity financing by investors


The granting and terms of loans depend to a large extent on the default risk of the financing. This is assessed in an operational rating, which is based on timely and complete information provided by the company to the banks.

Key rating criteria are:

  • Earnings, financial and asset situation (key figures from annual financial statements)
  • Account management behavior
  • Management qualities of the company's management
  • Operational planning documents and
  • In the future also the sustainability rating

We support our clients in the acquisition of bank loans of any kind. To this end, we maintain intensive contact with the agricultural financing departments of all renowned banks in the agricultural sector. In addition, we have solid business contacts with private investors.

We provide support in:

  • Preparation of strategic business concepts
  • Preparation of multi-year profit and loss statements (P&L forecasts)
  • Presentation of operational budget plans
  • Preparation of detailed liquidity and financing plans
  • Initiation of contacts with credit institutions, investors, lessors
  • Accompaniment to talks with the credit institute
  • Renegotiation of loan conditions after expiration of fixed interest periods
  • Assistance with debt rescheduling or deferral applications for interest and redemption payments, contract reviews
  • Due diligence in preparation of financing
  • Financing for change of shareholders
  • Cooperation with private investors

Media library

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PDF: 01.11.2021
Author: Dr. Martin Schneider, Constanze Nehls
Source: Sonderheft Bauernzeitung 11/2021
Financial consulting