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Agricultural trade and marketing

Agricultural trade and agricultural marketing form an important part of the value chain in the agricultural sector. Free and open markets enable the global movement of goods and generate higher added value for their own products.

However, global and complex supply chains can also make access difficult and opaque for agricultural businesses. In addition, the internationally ramified movement of goods is highly sensitive to external shocks such as wars and natural disasters. And even disruptions at low-complexity production levels can cause production performance to be significantly impaired and, as a result, the adequate supply of agricultural products to be severely jeopardized.

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH provides German, European and international experience on agricultural trade, agricultural trade policy and agricultural marketing in its international projects:

  • Cooperation with private and public actors from the agricultural sector on the ground, local trading companies and political bodies
  • Support in networking with the global value chain
  • Consulting and training on structured and resilient marketing strategies
  • Consulting for small, medium and large agricultural enterprises

Media library

Landtechnik Osteuropa: Zwei Schritte vor – und einen seitwärts

PDF: 08.03.2021
Author: Dr. Thomas Tanneberger
Source: Eilbote – Wochenmagazin für Landtechnik 10/2021
Agricultural trade and marketing Consulting Agribusiness International

Online-Handel in China boomt: Corona-Krise treibt Preise in die Höhe und verzögert die Frühjahrsbestellung

PDF: 06.04.2020
Author: Dr. Eva Sternfeld
Source: agrarzeitung 15/2020
Agricultural trade and marketing Smart agriculture