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Our projects in Angola

Pre-feasibility study for the development of a 3,000 ha arable farm in Huambo (2022/2023)

  • The aim was to assess the feasibility of a 3,000-ha farm for the cultivation of wheat, maize and soya in Huambo. The German private investors who financed the study want to use this project to counteract the global food crisis, which has been further exacerbated above all by the war in Ukraine.
  • In various missions, several locations were visited on site and analysed for their future economic viability. A site in Huambo was selected and a detailed investment profitability calculation was carried out.

Study including business plan for a school milk project in Luanda (2022/2023)

  • Procurement of raw materials, structural and engineering solutions for the production facilities, planning of necessary qualification measures for the Angolan employees, logistics and marketing aspects as well as aspects of further advisory services and management support during the start-up and in the following years.

Management support for sustainable agriculture (2018-2020)

  • Management support to BYAGRO in the areas of crop rotation design, best agricultural practices, work organisation, mechanisation issues and training of management staff on an arable and specialised crops farm covering approximately 3,200 ha.

Technical assistance for the transfer of knowledge of new technologies, technical assistance for the development of education and training plans, joint processing of various investment projects (2014)

  • Strategic partnership with Sociedade de Desenvolvimento dos Perimetros Irrigados S.A. (SOPIR, S.A.)

Preliminary planning of a pilot operation in Bengo Province (2014)

  • Establishment of an Angolan-German pilot farm with 1,000 ha
  • Establishment of an agricultural education and training centre

Memorandum of cooperation with the National Institute for Coffee in Angola (2014)

  • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement
  • Scientific and technical exchange for the development of coffee cultivation in Angola

Concept for a plant propagation laboratory with in vitro culture for bananas, citrus fruits and mangoes (2014)

  • Preliminary economic study
  • Technical and economic implementation planning for the construction of the laboratory

Concept for a seed potato production project (2014)

  • Establishment of test plots for variety trials
  • Accompanying advice on cultivation, plant protection, fertilisation and marketing
  • Scientific evaluation of the variety trials

Evaluation of the Microproject Programme (PRM III) EU Commission, Framework Contract AMS-451, Lot 1 – Rural Development and Food Security (2005)

  • Assessment of the programme for relevance, impact, efficiency and sustainability


Development study for the provinces of Cunene, Namibe, Huila and Cuando-Cubango (1984/1985)

  • Intensification of nomadic livestock farming
  • Construction of wells
  • Improvement of fodder production
  • Improvement of veterinary services

Ministry of Agriculture (1983-1991)

  • Technical support for strategic planning and organisational restructuring of the ministry
  • Support in budget planning and controlling
  • Study tours and further training for managers on agricultural policy, agricultural trade and further development of agricultural education and training in Angola

Model farm for milk and cattle production in Malanje province (1982-1990)

  • Technical and business development
  • Introduction of Holstein dairy cows from Germany
  • Technical assistance in feed production and veterinary prophylaxis
  • Training of Angolan technicians

Technical assistance for agricultural training at the Instituto de Tchivinguiro (1981-1990)

  • Development of curricula and teaching materials
  • Training of Angolan technicians
  • Teaching activities and training and further training of trainers

Model potato farm and seed multiplication in Huambo province (1981-1990)

  • Planning, implementation, technical assistance and training for a model potato production and seed multiplication farm
  • Permanent deployment of six long-term skilled workers
  • Administrative support
  • Training of Angolan experts