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Vocational education and training

Demand-oriented, practical and modern education and training in the agricultural sector is one of the key prerequisites for ensuring that agricultural production is resource-conserving, adapted to the location and meets demand.

It can

  • promote the development of rural areas
  • ensure food security
  • reduce the (youth) unemployment rate
  • increase the competitiveness of agricultural production
  • counteract the effects of climate change.

Our consulting services:

  • Introduction of elements of the German dual training system, which combines the teaching of theoretical knowledge in vocational school and its practical implementation on the farm and is particularly effective for the "green" professions (e.g. agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fish farming, and gardening)
  • Design, construction and operation of demonstration farms, including training centers
  • Demand-driven design of new and updating of existing occupational profiles, curricula, syllabi and qualification frameworks
  • Imparting theoretical expertise (e.g. in production technology, business administration, farm planning and management, and marketing) and applying it in practice
  • Development of didactic and pedagogical teaching and learning materials
  • Training courses for specialists and managers of agricultural enterprises as well as for teaching and administrative staff, examiners and certifiers of educational institutions
  • Demonstration and field days to present modern production technology, modern seeds and modern cultivation methods
  • Study trips to Germany and internships in German farms
  • Networking with German educational institutions