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Our projects in Mozambique

Seed potato project in Chimoio (1991-1998)

  • Development and consolidation of a certified seed potato project as an integrated potato seedling programme
  • Inclusion of a seed potato component (25 ha) for multiplication of basic seed potato and subsequent multiplication on a contract basis with contractors (100 ha)
  • Training of national staff at all levels for the full development and consolidation of the project
  • Establishment, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, equipment and machinery related to global operations and production, storage, preservation, processing and quality control of seed potatoes
  • Management of all activities related to project implementation in coordination with the Mozambican partner

Planning of a model farm with training centre on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lichinga (1983-1991)

  • Establishment of a training centre for farmers, agricultural machinery fitters and trainers
  • Establishment of a pig breeding centre, modern poultry husbandry as well as education and training on maize, soya and potatoes, including seed propagation of potatoes on site
  • Employment of 5 long-term experts

Planning and construction of a model farm on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Chimoio (1982-1991)

  • Focus on milk production, establishment of machinery rings for family farms as well as education and training
  • Deployment of 6 long-term experts

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maputo (1982-1990)

  • Advising on the strategic orientation of agricultural policy and on the reorientation of vocational and higher education in agricultural veterinary medicine and the food industry

120,000-ha pilot project for integrated agriculture on behalf of the Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture, Unango (1980-1988)

  • Establishment of a project to promote export-worthy crops with integration of local family farms
  • Promotion through education and training of local family farms
  • Project planning as well as technical, financial and management assistance during the implementation phase
  • Training and further education of Mozambican experts in Mozambique and in the GDR
  • Deployment of 18 long-term experts