Milk price comparison

Milk price comparison - Objectives

  • Right of dairy producers to an open information policy on market situation, business strategies and milk pricing policy
  • Contribution to improving the transparency of dairies
  • Price analysis - increasingly a focus of entrepreneurial activity
  • Fair and objective comparison of participating companies and their dairies

Milk price development 2006 - 2020


Average values from member companies of the milk production working group

Milk price comparison - Analysis

Key figures for comparison are:

  • Basic price of dairy
  • Average price of dairy
  • Farm-gate price
  • Delivery quantity
  • Fat and protein content
  • Correction values for fat and protein
  • Supplements e.g. for: top quality, quantity bonus, logistics bonus

Evaluation is done once a quarter anonymously based on the monthly bills:

  • Operational analysis including graphical representation of key figures (for internal use)
  • Comparison of farms/dairies at 4% fat and 3.4% protein content
  • Theoretical price comparison for delivery to other dairies

Analysis of key figures:

Our references

Currently, IAK is advising milk producers with herds of more than 60,000 high-yielding cows with herd performances of approximately 8,000 to 10,000 kg milk/cow per year.

We are analysing 12 companies from 11 different dairies in the milk price comparison project.

Don't hesitate to contact us for our numerous references!