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Special consulting milk production

We offer individualized consulting for farms that specialize in milk and/or meat production or have dairy production as a secondary activity.

Our consulting offer includes all important planning units:

  • Analysis of the performance and health status of individual animals and herds.
  • Analysis and optimization of feed production, grassland management and feeding processes
  • Analysis and optimization of husbandry technologies (taking into account animal-friendly husbandry and labor-economical results)
  • Preparation of reconstruction and investment plans as well as support in subsidy and financing measures
  • Regular controlling and evaluation of risk analyses
  • Labor-economic analyses with subsequent evaluation and preparation of solution proposals for optimization and economic improvement of the production process
  • Further education and seminars

Milk working group

Since 2001, numerous companies have been organized in the Arbeitskreis Milch (Milk Working Group), which regularly present their business management evaluations of milk production and their experiences in the production technology of milk production. Your participation will give you the opportunity to compare material and financial key figures of your farm with farms of similar size and similar production systems.

Based on your key figures (market performance, losses, productivity, reproduction, etc.), we will prepare a farm-specific evaluation for you. In this way, the weak points and performance reserves of your farm are identified. In addition, we will support you with proven solution approaches.

In addition, all milk production issues are discussed in the working group, with an intensive exchange of experience and information on innovative approaches to solutions.

Milk price comparison

Price analyses are more and more a focus of entrepreneurial activity. We are specialized in providing a fair and objective comparison of the participating farms and their dairies in a period close to the accounting period, of course taking into account organic and conventional milk production. The price comparison between dairies should give you more information about the milk market situation and at the same time increase transparency.

Based on the anonymous evaluation of your monthly milk money statement, you will receive a key figure analysis of your most important dairy data.


We will be glad to provide you with further references upon request.